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Part of LGBT history since 1964

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Come to our Annual Conference on 2nd July 2017!

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Annual Conference

Our 2016 Annual Conference was held on 21 May. The main speaker was Terry Sanderson. We agreed two emergency motions, one about Gayle Newland, the other about the CHE archives. More about the conference ...

LGBT History Month

CHE was involved in a number of events for LGBT History Month 2016.

CHE book published

Amiable Warriors, a history of CHE and its times, is being written by Peter Scott-Presland. Volume One, A space to breathe, was published in February 2015, at the first Festival of LGBT History in Manchester.

Hear an interview with the author on Gaydio.

See our page about the book, or go to for more details.

CHE wins award!

On 7 October 2014 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary with a series of events in Manchester.

To round off the day, CHE received the 2014 Alan Turing Memorial award at the Homo Heroes event.

The Campaign for Homosexual Equality is a democratic voluntary organisation, founded in 1964 by Allan Horsfall and others as the North Western Committee for Homosexual Law Reform. It played a key part in the campaigns leading up to the decriminalisation of male homosexual activities in 1967. Thereafter it broadened its activity, and in 1969 it was renamed the Committee for Homosexual Equality.

In 1971 CHE changed its name to the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, and over the next few years grew to have a membership of over 6,000 with more than 100 local groups in all parts of England and Wales.

Today the situation for LGBT people in the UK has improved beyond the wildest dreams of the early campaigners; the need now is to safeguard what has been achieved, and to record the proud history of CHE as a tribute to the pioneers and as a reminder of the days of repression that must not be allowed to return. Please join us and be part of the next stage of our history.

Joining CHE

You can become a member of CHE for £12 a year (non-earners £6) although additional contributions are always welcome. Members receive the Annual Report and occasional Newsletters, and invitations to the AGM and other meetings.

We also welcome affiliation from organisations that share our aims of equality for all LGBT people. Affiliated organisations will receive the Annual Report and occasional Newsletters, and each have one vote at CHE's conference and AGM.

Aims of CHE

The aims of CHE are:

  • To promote the principle that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are entitled to lead their lives openly without fear.
  • To fight for social and legal equality and respect for the human rights of all people irrespective of their sexuality.
  • To eradicate prejudice and hostility directed at LGBT people.
  • To campaign for improved sex education in schools to eliminate negative attitudes to LGBT people.


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