The Campaign for Homosexual Equality

CHE, c/o Brunton House, Brunton Street, Falkland, Fife KY15 7BQ

Ross Burgess and Nick Billingham at the LGBT History Month Launch

Ross Burgess (Treasurer) and Nick Billingham (Trustee) at the LGBT History Month launch, Oxford, November 2019

About us

Since 1985 CHE has been run entirely by volunteers. CHE's Annual Conference is the supreme governing body of CHE. All members are entitled to attend, and all affiliated organisations are entitled to be represented.

The rules for the governance of CHE are laid down in its Constitution. Detailed rules for the conduct of the Annual Conference are laid down in the Standing Orders.

Motions passed at recent Conferences are summarised on our Conference Decisions page.

The Executive Committee (EC), elected by the membership, is responsible for the day-to-day running of CHE. Half the places on the EC become vacant each year, so that members normally serve for two years after being elected. The EC elects the Secretary, Treasurer, and other Officers, and appoints the Trustees. See our 2019 Annual Report for the lists of EC members, Trustees, etc. at the end of 2019.

With no new candidates coming forward after the 2019 Conference, the existing EC members continued in office. In the special cirumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic there was no Conference, and therefore no election, in 2020. More recently Peter Burman has been appointed secretary.

For more about CHE's past history, see our History of CHE page.

For more about our process of setting up a charity, see our Transition page.

CHE publications

Annual Report 2019

History of CHE

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CHE annual reports

The following CHE annual report is available as a digital download (PDF file, A5 landscape format):