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The Campaign for Homosexual Equality

c/o London Friend, 86 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DN             Our 2022 Annual Report is now available as a PDF.

CHE Conferences

CHE held its first annual conference in 1973. The first few conferences were each held in a different town and were major events over a weekend:

  1. 1973: Morecambe – held on the Central Pier (since demolished)
  2. 1974: Malvern – the conference "signalled a formal coalescence between the separate strands represented by GLF and CHE, and CHE's formal commitment to a policy of militant reformism" (Jeffrey Weeks, Coming out: homosexual politics in Britain, from the nineteenth century to the present. London: Quartet Books. ISBN 0-7043-3175-6. page 212)
  3. 1975: Sheffield
  4. 1976: Southampton
  5. 1977: Nottingham
  6. 1978: Coventry
  7. 1979: Brighton
  8. 1980: York
  9. 1981: Durham

In more recent years the Conference was a one-day event in London.

The 48th and 49th Conferences, due in 2020 and 2021, were not held for Covid-related reasons, and there were no EC elections: the existing EC members continued in office, supplemented by Peter Burman who was appointed secretary.

The 50th CHE Conference was held on 22 October 2022 and was the last to be conducted under the old CHE Constitution and Standing Orders; it marked the end of CHE in its existing form, and the public launch of the CHE Research Trust.

More details

  • motions passed, 2015
  • motions passed, 2016
  • motions passed, 2017
  • full minutes of the 2018 Conference (PDF file)
  • full minutes of the 2019 Conference (PDF file)
  • the minutes for the 2022 Conference are now on the CHERT website (PDF file).