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The Campaign for Homosexual Equality

c/o London Friend, 86 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DN             Our 2022 Annual Report is now available as a PDF.

CHE Constitution

1. Name

The name of the body shall be the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, hereinafter referred to as the CHE.

2. Aims

The aims of the CHE shall be to:

  1. provide financial support to the CHE Research Trust, hereinafter referred to as CHERT, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission (registration number 1198217).
  2. organise meetings and events of interest to its members or to other members of the LGBT+ Community
  3. pursue insofar as the Executive Committee consid­ers it to be expedient the historic aims of CHE, namely to:
    1. promote the principle that the homosexual has an equal right to self-fulfilment and can make an equally positive contribution in our common quest for the betterment of society and the happiness of all;
    2. fight for absolute equality at law between heterosexuals and homosexuals and campaign against all forms of legal and social discrimina­tion against homosexuals;
    3. campaign for improved sex education in schools in order to stop the process by which existing attitudes towards homosexuals are maintained.

3. Membership

  1. Membership shall be open to all persons who support the aims of the CHE and who were members prior to the formation of CHERT, or have subsequently paid a one-off joining subscription.
  2. There shall be one category of Membership: Supporting Members (which shall include those previously classed as Campaign Members).
  3. All Supporting Members shall be considered to be Associate Members of CHERT.

4. The Executive Committee

The Trustees from time to time of CHERT shall ex-officio comprise the Executive Committee, which shall be the governing body of the CHE, responsible for administering its affairs.

5. The Officers

The Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and such other officers as the Trustees of CHERT may appoint shall ex-officio perform equivalent functions in the CHE.

6. The Honorary Officers

The Executive Committee may appoint an Honorary President and a number of Honorary Vice-Presidents. These Honorary Officers shall be entitled to receive notice of, and to attend and speak at, all meetings of CHE but not, except in any other capacity, to exercise a vote.

7. Disposition of Property upon Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the CHE the property held by the CHE shall be donated to CHERT, unless the CHERT has been or is being also dissolved, in which case it shall be disposed of for such purposes of general benefit to LGBT+ people as may be decided by the Executive Committee, subject to the proviso that no members of the CHE or CHERT shall, by virtue of their member­ship, receive any funds, property or assets of the CHE.

8. Amendment of the Constitution

Any proposal to amend this Constitution must be proposed by the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall cause the full text of the proposition to be sent to all members of the CHE, with an invitation to vote on it by a postal and/or electronic ballot, giving not less than three weeks’ notice. The proposition shall only be carried if it is supported by more than half of the members voting.

9. Legal Resolution of Disputes

Any dispute arising from the implementation of this Constitution shall be subject to the laws of England and Wales.


Adopted by the 2022 Annual Conference
to replace the previous Constitution.