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The Campaign for Homosexual Equality

c/o London Friend, 86 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DN             Our 2022 Annual Report is now available as a PDF.

Motions agreed at the 2015 Annual Conference

The following motions were debated and agreed at CHE's Annual Conference, 30 May 2015.

Motion 1: LGBT History Festival

  1. This Conference congratulates LGBT History Month on its highly successful and ground-breaking LGBT History Festival in February this year.
  2. The Conference particularly notes the combination of academic and popular events, and urges the organisers to continue in this vein, since there is a crying need for more education in LGBT history.
  3. The Conference urges the Executive Committee:
    1. to continue to fund the Allan Horsfall Memorial Lecture of a total of five years;
    2. to offer such other support to an annual LGBT History Festival as it can;
    3. to adopt as a funding priority the preservation and dissemination of LGBT history in general, and CHE history in particular.

Proposed by: Peter Scott-Presland, Nettie Pollard, Ross Burgess

For more about LGBT History Month and the Festival, see

Motion 2: Millivres-Prowler photographic collection

  1. This Conference notes that the largest and most important LGBT photographic archive in the UK is currently in private hands being owned by Millivres-Prowler Ltd. The Conference understands that this contains the entire photographic collection of Capital Gay, Gay Times and Diva, as well as many other items; and that the collection runs to several thousand items covering over forty years. The Conference also notes that there is a significant collection of CHE photos covering events from 1972 onwards.
  2. The Conference expresses concern that such an important historical resource remains:
    1. unavailable for public study and use;
    2. inadequately and poorly housed and subject to significant deterioration;
    3. uncatalogued and incoherent, despite several approaches from interested parties over the last five years, and assurances from Millivres-Prowler of an intention to preserve the archive properly.
  3. The Conference urges the Executive Committee:
    1. to identify other interested groups and individuals who would like to see the Millivres-Prowler Photo Archive put upon a proper professional footing and made available for public study and use;
    2. to organise and participate in a joint approach with other concerned organisations and individuals to Millivres-Prowler Ltd, to urge them to take steps to preserve the collection adequately;
    3. To work with Millivres-Prowler Ltd and other concerned individuals to identify any problems associated with a professional preservation project, and to work to eliminate those problems and to raise adequate resources to create a worthy Millivres-Prowler Photo Archive.

Proposed by: Nettie Pollard, Mark Delacour, George Tregaskis

Motion 3: UK LGBT History Project

  1. This Conference congratulates the UK LGBT History Project on its four years of existence, during which time it has become an unequalled resource of information about LGBT life in this country.
  2. The Conference notes that the Project’s online encyclopaedia now has over 3,300 articles, covering LGBT people, places, organisations and events, from the earliest times to the present day, with articles about every county and local government district in the United Kingdom, and that the articles have in total been viewed over four million times.
  3. The Conference notes that the Project has received no external funding and the cost of the web space has been entirely borne by its founder, Jonathan Harbourne, and that the work of creating and editing articles has been carried out by a very small number of volunteers.
  4. The Conference urges the Executive Committee to work with other interested organisations to secure the long-term survival and enhancement of the Project, and the recruitment of additional volunteers.

Proposed by: Ross Burgess, Nettie Pollard, Mark Delacour

The LGBT History Project's online encyclopaedia is at

Emergency motion 1: Same-sex marriage in Ireland

This Conference congratulates the people of the Irish Republic for their overwhelming support for same-sex marriage in the recent referendum. The Conference notes however the Northern Ireland Assembly's refusal to enact same-sex marriage and its dilatoriness on other germane matters.

Emergency motion 2: Human Rights Act

This Conference deplores the Government's proposal to repeal the Human Rights Act, and instructs the Executive Committee to tak all possible steps to campaign against repeal.