The Campaign for Homosexual Equality

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Some previous CHE campaigns

Equal marriage

Not everyone, and indeed not all members of CHE, will have the same opinion as to the relevance of marriage in general. The debate at the 2011 AGM bore that out. However marriage remained an area in which homosexual equality had not yet been achieved.

The Government held a consultation, concluding on 14th June 2012, and CHE, together with Croydon Area Gay Society, issued a briefing note to our members, with suggestions as to what to consider when replying. Download our briefing note (PDF).

General Election campaign

During the 2010 General Election campaign we encouraged our members to write to all the candidates in their own constituencies to find out their views on LGBT issues.

Oppression in Uganda

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill, expected to come before the Ugandan parliament by the end of 2009, would make that country one of the most oppressive in the world towards gay people. It not only imposes very severe sentences for homosexual acts, it criminalises those who fail to denounce gay people to the authorities.

The Bill has been widely condemned, including by our own Prime Minister at the Commonwealth Conference, and many Christian groups in the UK, including the Archbishop of Canterbury (but not so far the Ugandan-born Archbishop of York) but it has the support of leading politicians and church groups in Uganda, sponsored it is rumoured by right-wing groups in the USA.

Please write to the Uganda High Commission urging that this bill be dropped.

Homophobic lyrics

For some years CHE has been concerned about homophobic song lyrics, particularly in songs by certain Jamaican singers.

Sheltered housing for LGBT people

CHE is increasingly concerned about the situation of older LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people who may need sheltered accommodation. Will they be housed together with other LGBT people? Will they at least be free from discrimination by staff and homophobic behaviour from other residents?

Persecution of gay people in Iraq

Life is very dangerous for day men in Iraq. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs believes that as many as 30 people were killed in a 3-month period just for being gay.

There's much more about this in an article by Michael Donsky on the Edge network.

Reforming the asylum system

The UK asylum system is failing to provide fair treatment for LGBT asylum seekers, many of whom are in very real danger in their own countries. We republished a talk on this by Peter Tatchell.